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Zack Wheat American Legion Post 624

Sunrise Beach, Mo......Lake of the Ozarks

Why Belong to Sons of the American Legion

Our Country

1. To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

2. To honor my forefather's service to our country

3. To perpetuate (encourage) the true spirit and positive view toward Americanism.

4. To help our children of (and into) tomorrow.

5. To assist teaching all Americans of all ages what it took to make Our Country great.

6. To keep Freedom Alive.

7. To reinstate our Loyalty and Patriotism and beliefs in America.8. To help our Country prepare for the future through the ideals established by our forefathers.

8. To provide a vehicle for the Legion Family and the Community to work together; to provide various services to the Community, State and Nation.

9. To protect our nation's flag and to educate youth on flag etiquette.

Our Family

1. To support The American Legion and its programs.

2. To respect our parent Organization.

3. To give back, for what The American Legion has done for my family and me.

4. The American Legion Family - to make our support of The Legion Family as strong as possible.

5. To help teach our youth the principals of Justice, Freedom and Democracy

6. Both a Father and Son can belong to the organization with a shared interest.

7. To learn how to conduct a meeting using Roberts Rules of Order.

8. To be a part of The Legion Family, and to help preserve it.

9. To help the Sons of The American Legion become a better organization for all those who belong and for all who are helped through the Sons of The American Legion Programs.

10. To help prepare our youth in their ability to succeed.

Our Veterans

1. To help care for all veterans who served our nation by assisting the VA&R and the VAVS Programs.

2. To impact my community in a positive way, by helping and assisting veterans, and supporting various American Legion Programs .

3. TO provide assistance to all Veterans, especially those in need of care.

4. That our Veterans, POWs, and MIAs from ALL wars will never be forgotten.

5. Pride for those who served this Country to keep us free.

6. For God and Country, and support our Veterans and their families.

7. The pride we take knowing our contributions to The American Legion and their charitable programs are making a difference for the youth of America.

8. To help those in need of help.